Instructions for Authors

INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS: Please use past issues as a general guide for formats and styles. Please use an equation editor for all math expressions and symbols, whether set off or embedded in text. Please express units in the International System (SI). Please minimize use of footnotes, and use a list of notes/references instead. Journal references should include the full title and inclusive pages of the work cited. Book references should include publisher, city of publication, and date.

For review, please submit word-processor and PDF files, or, if that is not possible, then three hard copies printed single-spaced and copied double sided, with minimum unused space. Please attach computer files to e-mail to Galilean_Electrodynamics "at" . Unsolicited paper manuscripts cannot be returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is supplied.

For publication, GED uses Word for Macintosh, and accepts Word for windows. Please also supply final PDF or hard copy.